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Fischers of Headlands

The earliest record we have is JOHANNES FISCHER, a major in the ART ILLERE. Born 14th May, 1624 and died 24th February 1695. (ref: The Crest )

His grandson, JOHANNES JOACHIM HENDRICUS, born 1724 and his first wife, Catherina Zimmerman, arrived from ABTERODE HESSEN, GERMANY. His second wife was ALIDA JOHANNA HEUFLE and they are considered to be the beginning of the Fischer family in the CAPE

His son JOHANNES HENDRICUS married Maria Jacoba HOEVE of Amsterdam in 1790,introducing the Dutch connection into the family PETER ULRICH FISCHER 1791-1840 married SOPHIA MAGDALENA LE SUEUR adding this name to the family, and still used to this day From this marriage was born RIJK LE SUEUR FISCHER in 1828 who married SOPHIA JOHANNA BERGH. (ref: Oude Kaapse Famijelen)

The BURGH family were at sometime owners of GROOT CONSTANTIA. (Joan and I met a descendant in Stellenbosch a few years back and knew about the Fischer connection

The LE SUEUR family were aristocrats, living at BEYEUX, NORMANDY

FRESNAYE was the family estate. Because of religious differences they fled the Huguenots and arrived in the CAPE in 1739. The leader was FRANCOIS LE SUEUR whose daughter married Governor RIJK TULBAGH, so the name RIJK appears in the family

FRESNAYE, a suberb in Capetown, was le Sueur land above Sea Point and all the streets have French names

Below FRESNAYE is Sea Point owned in whole or part from the mountain side to the sea by the Fischers. Their home was called HEADLANDS village. Three maiden aunts ChristIna(Steenie), Sophie and Olivia were given in Trust a block of this land which was sold in 1923 for 1350. (ref: Tavern of the Seas and Cape Times Obituary of Mrs. S.T.Fischer

BERGH were born 12 children GEESJE, PETER (NEVILLE’S FATHER), SOPHIA, OLAF, OLIVIA, HELEN, THEODORE, MARGARET, CHRISTINA, WILLIAM (1871) and RICHARD (1870). These last two were the Rhodesian Pioneers

RICHARD LE SUEUR FISCHER Records from the Van Breda family record that AMELLIA EDITH married RIJK LE SUEUR FISCHER. Somehow his name was changed to RICHARD and was known as such In Rhodesia. Confusion could arise in the future, as he is recorded as Richard on his tombstone and the next grave is of RIJK LE SUEUR FISCHER, his son, but the dates should clear the matter up. In 1901 Richard married “ Gogo”, AMMELIA EDITH VAN BREDA. Her family came from Holland in 1630. Bredasdorp is
named after the family. It is interesting to note that a Pieter van Breda married Rykie Fischer born in 1801

The Centennial Reunion Banquette- 27th July 1991

RICHARD and AMELIA FISCHER had five children.
1. TORIANO JOHANNA (JAN) born 1902, whose daughter Dinny (Geraldine) is with us tonight.
2. RIJK LE SUEUR born 1903 whose daughters Joan and Ann are present tonight.
3. OLIVIA BERGH born 1906 whose daughter Angela is here.
4. HENRY CHRISTIAN born 1906 whose children Sally, Peter and Amanda are here.
5. WILLIAM FERDINAND ALSO 1906 whose children Gilbert and Anthony are also here tonight

WILLIAM FISCHER married MARY VOCE in 1909, who had one daughter Greta, mother of Molly,with us tonight and also three sons.

Also with us are Christine and Stephanie, grandaughters of Steenie Beadle , sister of Richard and William Fischer



Reg presenting the family history and
Wakefield from the kopji

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